3D printing with sprayed concrete

Boost your competitiveness with our additive fabrication technology


Nicolas Robadey

Civil Engineer

TPF InfraRailway and infrastructure solution provider

Disposer en quelques jours de pièces préfabriquées sur-mesure, sans les contraintes liées à la mise en œuvre d’un coffrage ni les délais de livraison des préfabricants; c’est ce que MOBBOT nous a permis de réaliser.


Patrice Bersier

Project Manager

RWB Group SA Leading Engineering Firm in Switzerland

Les avantages de cette technique sont :

  • minimisation des joints entre éléments donc moins de risque d’infiltration d’eau,

  • béton certifié C30/37 (béton employé pour des dalles de bâtiment donc très résistant),

  • réactivité (en deux jours la fouille est ouverte et la chambre est mise en place)

Razvan Inonica

Partner Director

Marc Mimram Leading Engineering and Architecture Firm in France

La rapidité de cette technique est bleuffante et de grande qualité. Le potentiel de cette technique est clairement supérieur à l’impression 3D de béton des concurrents.

Online digital design and orders

  • Flexibility and mass-customization for every project

  • Agile system for last-minute changes on the jobsite

  • Take the first step to BIM for infrastructures

Construction automation and robotics is the future

  • Print in 1 hour what took 3 days to produce

  • Mass production and tailor-made up to 50% cheaper

  • Automated equipment ensuring a controlled process

Use your own raw materials

  • Reduces the carbon footprint through the use of
    local raw material

  • Reduces the amount of material consumption through superior performance thanks to robotic automation

  • Constant support and advise for your concrete mix-design

Performance made to last

  • The aerodynamics of sprayed concrete is optimized
    and automated for every project

  • Compatibility with current standards

  • Efficient integration of reinforcements

A subscription model adapted to your needs

  • A subscription system adapted to your projects

  • Option for 6 month rental of the 3D printer

  • Just-in-time production and delivery

Our sponsors and partners

We thank our sponsors and partners for their support

Mobbot, a unique technology

This technique is the only 3D concrete printing technology to integrate a passive reinforcement, using durable concrete and meeting current norms.

The patented technology is based on cutting-edge robotic automation equipment and methods of manufacturing a reinforced 3-dimensional concrete structure.


The 3D printer includes an industrial robot with a print head that combines sprayed concrete with new technologies to obtain a smooth surface in a single manufacturing step. The controlled and automatize deposition process enables to produce concrete structures without cold joints (weaknesses) between the layers.


The method allows the print head to design complex one-off shapes which can be printed in minutes with no waste.

The method combines the freedom of 3D printing with longevity of sprayed concrete. Thanks to the automation and a well controlled system the rebound and energy requirement is reduced drastically. There are no weaknesses between the layers that could compromise the structure, and the surface finish is unparalleled in the industry.


MOBBOT markets its 3D printing system. The business model includes several subscription models. Depending on your needs, the proposed additive manufacturing solution will allow you to increase your productivity, reduce manufacturing costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Print the future with us!

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