About us


Our vision

We want to become the enabler to revolutionize the construction industry.
Our 3D printing solutions bridge digital models with real world of construction.
Our solutions will make sustainable construction become a reality.


Our mission

We develop 3D concrete printing solutions that:

  • are robust and efficient to implement

  • strongly improve working conditions at construction sites

  • dramatically reduce the CO2 footprint of the construction industry


Our values

We are driven by passion, excellence and high ethical standards. We embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and to excel.

We are bold!

Our team

Founded in 2018 by Agnès Petit, Mobbot aims to revolutionize the construction world by enabling digitalization through 3D printing of concrete solutions.


We have expertise in 4 areas: Aerodynamics of sprayed concrete, New Automation technology, Robotic motion planning, Sustainable development.


We are mainly involved in infrastructure works (e.g. water, telecommunication and energy) by proposing to our customers to automate the construction of cable chambers and risers.


Mobbot also aims to create an ecosystem that encourages the circular economy by favoring the use of local raw materials.


Agnès Petit

Founder and CEO

Agnes holds a doctorate in cosmochemistry from the ETHZ. She began her professional career working for the leader of building materials. There she acquired the technical basis for concrete materials and was trained for innovation deployment strategies for the construction sector. She then gained operational experience by leading the business development and innovation of the swiss precast leader. After working as an intrapreneur and developing a first 3D concrete printing system, she launched her own start-up and challenge the status quo of the 3D concrete printing.

John Monney

Engagment Manager

Native from Fribourg by blood and soul, John explores the different professional sectors of civil engineering related to his engineering education in his region. 

Having this global overview of the infrastructure field, John joined the team to target the sales using the knowledge he had already acquired.


His curious and committed mind enabled him to touch the multiple facets of the 3D printing system.


Arash Askari

Data Science Engineer

After his PhD in structural engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology in Iran, Arash joined the EESD-EPFL lab as a guest researcher. He was responsible for development of the GUI for modeling, analyzing, post processing and the visualization of masonry buildings.

Thanks to his outstanding skills in programming, Arash analyzes all data of the "Sprinting" sessions in order to improve the data processing.

Daniel Rebelo

Technical Support Technician

After carrying out his studies in the Canton of Fribourg, Daniel is graduated as ES Technician in Industrial Systems in Yverdon. His first professional experience was for a world leader in special machines. He came back to Fribourg to continue his professional career.

Daniel deals with all aspects of system automation: the design of electrical schematics, the PLC programming and the system maintenance are easy games to him.


Lan Anh Vu

Administrative Assistant

Prior to joining the MOBBOT family, Lan-Anh has gained her experience in administration and customer service working in various industries from family businesses to international companies both in Switzerland and in the United States. Her positive attitude and tireless energy are the key to success. Lan-Anh is inspired daily by her two daughters. In her free time, she likes to cook and do handy work.

Her smile and delicious pasties bring joy to her colleagues.


Hans Reiss

Head of Engineering

Hans is a mechanical engineer from Karlsruhe and holds a PhD in Thermodynamics from the EPFL where he focused on gas turbine cooling. After leaving academia he accumulated international industry experience in various roles, in the fields of Sensors, Instrumentation, Data management, Electronics, Software development and Power industry.

Always on the lookout for unconventional pragmatic solutions, his motto is “It’s fun when it works, so let’s also have fun making it work.”

Aurélie Favier

Ecological construction specialist

Aurélie holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry at the University Paris Est. She was then interested to use her knowledge to improve the properties of ecological construction materials at EPFL.

With a good background in this field, she now shares with us her experience. She is in charge of the concrete quality, the analysis of the ecological impact of this material and the development of new concrete formulations.

Filip Furdui

Mechanical Engineer

After a Bachelor's degree in mechanical and industrial process equipment in Romania, Filip held different positions where he gathered experience in mechanical design and modelling, robotic simulations for various robot type and prototyping.
At MOBBOT, he's in charge of the mechanical design and prototyping of subsystems. Positivity is his mantra.

Tomas Salovka

Robotic engineer

Rango, Coffees and Cigarettes.


Helmi Belkamel

Workshop and concrete production

Kamel has worked as a logistician on boats for many years and has more than 7 years of practical experience in the construction sector.  He has had numerous positions in the primary and secondary construction industry on construction sites. He is at ease with a trowel, a soldering iron and also a saw - so he is our "McGyver" and assists in the production of concrete.

Mélanie Lai

Design and robotic fabrication project manager, CHO

After a Bachelor's degree in architecture at EPFL, Melanie completed several internships on sustainable development projects. She then obtained her Master's degree in architecture at the ETHZ and acquired basic skills in digital fabrication. Mélanie is in charge of the parametric design of elements for customers,  development of new robot strategies and production of concrete elements.  She's the guardian of our well-being and "sharing is caring" event organiser.

Florence Aubry

Administrative assistant

Thanks to a her career in banking, Florence has an extended knowledge in finance. She is in charge of administrative aspects at Mobbot.

This is a return to the roots after having worked in various European markets. Florence is a Fribourg native and has a deep interest in the Swiss economic system especially in start-ups.

David Nguyen

Software Engineer

David travels around the world following interesting opportunities that show up to him.

David is a robot-freak. He has been involving in various software developments: ranging from simulation, testing framework to behavior planning and of multiple autonomous systems, such as mobile robots or unmanned aerial vehicles. He is also into Computer Vision for human motion tracker and objects recognition.


Apparently, talking to the computer… improve his code.


Nathanaël Villard

Foreman, responsible for the production

After graduating as a mason (CFC diploma), Nathanaël chose to incorporate the Swiss army. He was promoted as Chief master sergeant. His experience in the army has taught him rigor and discipline which he applied to this work. He progressively obtained more responsibilities, first as team leader for special works (such as sprayed concrete), then foreman and finally project manager.

Passionate about new technologies and expert with the trowel, there is no doubt why he is part of the team!



External team

Vincent Bourquin

Prof. Dr. Mechanical Engineer HEIA-FR, InnoSuisse Project

Co-head of the branch Sustainable engineering systems institute. Vincent is specialized in technology integration and in the development of systems. He has developed innovation development plans in order to comply with sustainability criteria and has a high level of competence in mechanical engineering innovation and aerodynamics..

Benjamin Galé

Scientific Assistant HEIA-FR, InnoSuisse Project

After a CFC in mechanics and a brief spell in civil engineering at EPFL, Benjamin has found his vocation in mechanical engineering. He holds a Master's degree in mechanical engineering from HEIA-Fribourg. He worked with MOBBOT for his term paper and also for his Master thesis. He is currently developing models and simulations in the deposition process of MOBBOT in an AR&D project supported by InnoSuisse at HEIA-FR.


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