Digitalize the shotcrete process and improve your productivity

Collect, analyze and make decisions based on real-time data to improve efficiency, reduce waste and concrete rebounds
Digitalization of shotcrete
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Move from cumbersome casting to "Plug & Play" solutions

Losinger Marazzi wanted innovation, tailor-made solutions pushed to its limits and BIM integration. It is made possible with Mobbot. 
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A chambre with 45% recycled concrete aggregates

The element looks like prefabrication, but it is made of recycled concrete thank to MOBBOT technology in partnership with Holcim Switzerland.

Some examples of Mobbot's technology application

Cable chambers

Resistant concrete chambers, inspection pits and manholes made-to-measure for low, medium and high voltage cables.

  • Possibility of adapting to existing electric cables by making tailor-made reservations with great flexibility

  • Possibility of adapting to existing obstacles in the ground by making tailor-made slits in the chamber

  • Integration into the landscape thanks to variable wall heights

  • Reservations flushed with the walls or through

  • Waterproof concrete (inquire for characteristics) 

  • Ease of installation - Plug & Play

  • Customized sizing up to the last minute of the site

  • On-demand sizing of rooms for sites with high constraints (tramway, etc.) 

Pulling chambers

Resistant, quality concrete chamber for signal and telecommunication cables.

  • Dimensions and thickness of the element flexible and modifiable until the last minute, to take account of obstacles in the ground.

  • The realization of the elements with the bottom ensures the watertightness of compartment

  • Uniformity of structure, thanks to robotic manufacturing and automated process

  • Integration of sleeves, and other tailor-made reservations

  • Easier intervention on the networks in the event of a breakdown or connection - they are generally made accessible to qualified personnel thanks to the usual covers.

  • The rounded chambers avoid breaking the optical fiber

  • Digital twins and possible integration into the BIM model

  • Quality control and production process tracking for each part

  • Superior performance and tailor-made reduces the ecological balance

Concrete liquid tanks

Cylindrical and conical tanks for clear, potable, waste and industrial water

  • Custom heights of tanks reduce the number of joints  and the risks of infiltration into the ground of polluting substances 

  • The process  used by concrete spraying  ensures excellent sealing of the elements

  • The use of  industrial robot ensures a uniform product of high quality

  • The possibility of realizing  tailor-made elements reduce the duration of worksites and therefore the impact on local residents

  • Reduced trips to the site, reduces the environmental impact

Gravity walls

A gravity or weight wall is a retaining wall whose stability is ensured by its own weight.

  • The additive manufacturing process allows shapes to be designed parametrically.

  • Architectural form and structural function in one element 

  • Flexibility of shapes without the use of traditional formwork reduces project costs


Razvan Ionica

Partner - Marc Mimram Agency

Agency for Civil engineering works, Infrastructure and Buildings

"The potential of this technique is clearly superior to the 3D concrete printing from the competitors. The speed of MOBBOT is amazing and the quality is superior. "


Magdalena Stelzer

Program manager for digital planning - Tiefbauamt der Stadt Zürich

“Mobbot can be quick and fast. Fast reactions resulted in quick insights, that completely fulfilled the main objective of our proof of concept."


Gilles Lequertier

Managing director - Infra Tunnel SA

"Thanks to Mobbot, we were able to win in visibility of our shotcrete operations and were able to take corrective actions." 


Nicolas Robadey

Head of infrastructures

TPF Infra
Railway and infrastructure solution provider

”The Mobbot’s system has enabled us to have custom-made prefabricated parts, without the constraints linked to the implementation of a formwork or the delivery times of the prefabricators.”


Martin Dussouchet

Foreman - Losinger Marazzi SA
Leading General Contractor in Switzerland

"The MOBBOT solution has allowed us to customise each element, reduce the amount of concrete by 25% and improve the safety and ergonomics of working in the spaces”

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Patrice Bersier

Project Manager

RWB Group SA
Leading Engineering Firm in Switzerland

"The advantages of this technique are the minimisation of the joints between the elements and therefore a lower risk of water penetration, the use of a high quality concrete and the reactivity of the solution.”