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Some examples of Mobbot's technology application

Cable chambers

  • Durable and custom-made concrete chamber for low, medium and high voltage cables

  • Possibility of adapting to existing electric cables by making custom-made reservations with great flexibility

  • Possibility of adapting to existing obstacles in the ground by making custom-made grooves in the chamber

  • Integration into the landscape thanks to oblique walls

  • Slits flush with the walls or through the walls

  • Waterproof concrete (ask for specifications) 

  • Plug & Play ease of installation

  • Customized sizing up to the last minute of the construction site

  • Dimensioning of the chambers for sites with strong constraints (tramway...) on request


  • Cylindrical or conical manholes for clear and waste water

  • The wall thickness and height of the elements can be custom-made

  • Thanks to the customization, the number of joints is limited, which ensures watertightness

  • Watertightness of concrete thanks to the compaction of sprayed concrete due to the spraying process

  • The possibility to make custom elements reduces the duration of construction sites and thus the impact on local residents.

Telecom chambers

  • High quality, resistant concrete chamber for telecommunication cables.

  • Dimensions and thickness of the flexible element can be modified up to the last minute, for instance to take into account obstacles in the ground.

  • The realization of the elements in one piece with the bottom ensures watertightness.

  • Uniformity of the structure, thanks to robotic manufacturing and an automated process

  • Integration of sleeves, and other custom-made inserts

  • Easier intervention on the networks in case of failure or connection. They are generally made accessible to qualified personnel thanks to usual covers.

  • The round corners avoid breaking the optical fibers

  • Digital twin and possible integration into the BIM model

  • Quality control for each element is registered

  • Superior and customized performance reduces the CO2 footprint

Heavy wall

  • A heavy wall is a retaining wall whose stability is ensured by its own weight.

  • The process allows the design of shapes in a parametric way

  • Bridging architectural form and function 

  • Flexibility of forms without the use of a traditional formwork reduces costs