What is Mobbot? 

Mobbot offers unique digital spraying technology to build robust and sustainable infrastructures with data driven decisions and a climate-first priority.


What are the benefits of working with Mobbot? 

When looking at the construction industry, many aspects of it have not evolved for decades.

At Mobbot, we are disrupting the industry status quo thanks to data collection, shotcrete automation and robotics. We provide new methods of construction that enable companies to optimize their construction process thanks to an increased reliability, real-time data decisions, and production agility resulting in an improvement of the employees safety, construction quality, increase of productivity and a reduction of concrete use and CO2 emissions. 


Mobbot makes sustainable constructions a reality.

What’s additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is the process of creation of an element based on an “addition” of material. 


In order to build an element, the machine first requires the element specifications to be designed in 3D, including the automation of the robot. 


What is the difference between additive manufacturing at Mobbot vs 3D printing? 

Traditional 3D concrete printing adds a thin mortar which is extruded and deposited layer by layer. Complex geometries, parametric design and thin elements are possible with 3D concrete printing.

Mobbot uses a sprayed concrete that is propelled at high speed layer by layer.

Due to the high specific surface and the kinetic energy, Mobbot’s technology enables to build a monolithic element with superior mechanical properties, in a very short amount of time. The material used is a traditional shotcrete / sprayed concrete with grain size up to 8mm. The kinetic energy replaces additives and a high amount of chemistry added in the nozzle.


With shotcrete, we are able to use local raw materials which makes it, not only, 2 to 3 times cheaper but also more sustainable. 

We are able to produce walls with a thickness of 8 to 30 centimeters and integrate rebars while traditional 3D printing cannot.

Integration of anchors and other inserts is possible making the logistics safe and possible within 24 hours.

What applications are possible with Mobbot technology?

We are able to produce various concrete elements for various sectors. For example, our technology can be used for any type of infrastructure constructions or any kind of work that normally requires formwork. 

From manholes, culvert, retaining walls, sound barrier elements.

Does Mobbot produce elements in line with construction standards?

Yes, our technology offers elements compatible with construction standards, as the concrete mix design is traditional. The technology enables the integration of traditional rebars, lifting anchors, build elements within tolerances and watertight elements as well as freeze resistant concrete elements.

Is a special mix design needed to use our technology ?

Mobbot’s technology enable the use of traditional concrete raw materials:

All sorts of cement (CEM II A, B, CEM I, CEM ZN etc)

Sand: crushed and rounded sand

Aggregates: 4-8mm crushed and rounded sand


Which type of raw materials is needed to start?

We will assist you to adapt your existing concrete recipe or develop one that is optimal for a specific purpose.


Is it possible to use recycled aggregates ?

Yes, our technology enables the use of recycled fine material 0-4mm and recycled aggregate 4-8mm. Elements used with mobbot’s technology comply with the recycling standards.