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Robotics and automation of sprayed concrete

Your first step towards Construction 4.0

Our partners have chosen our robotic concrete spraying system because of its high versatility, exceptional mechanical properties and the possibility to use their own local raw materials.


Avant-garde spirit





1 ton within 10 minutes





We design and commercialize patented concrete 3D printing robots (software and hardware), available for purchase or rental. We have developed a technology for the robotization and automation of sprayed concrete. Our system is compatible with the local raw material by using the customer’s concrete. In fact, it can adapt to any type of cement or sand.


The printed elements have a high tensile strength. There are no joints between the printed layers. The mechanical performances are high not only because the concrete is projected, but also thanks to the possibility of integrating rebars during the printing process. Each piece is custom-made. It can integrate anchors, slits (circular or rectangular) and flat or groove cut.

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Mobbot Added Values

Our system is easy and efficient. It has the following advantages:

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Reasonable use of natural and financial resources

by opting for materials with a

low carbon footprint

Reduce the quantity of concrete used

Reduce nuisance

related to traffic


Increase worker safety and lighten tedious work

Boost your productivity and efficiency

by increasing the speed of

work execution

Example of the phasing of a work site

Phasing Work Site efficient et productive
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" (...) increase your productivity, reduce manufacturing costs and reduce your carbon footprint."

This technique is the only 3D concrete printing technology to integrate a passive reinforcement, using durable concrete and meeting current norms.

MOBBOT markets its 3D printing system. The business model includes several subscription models. Depending on your needs, the proposed additive manufacturing solution will allow you to increase your productivity, reduce manufacturing costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

The patented technology is based on cutting-edge robotic automation equipment and methods of manufacturing a reinforced 3-dimensional concrete structure.


The 3D printer includes an industrial robot with a print head that combines sprayed concrete with new technologies to obtain a smooth surface in a single manufacturing step. The controlled and automated deposition process enables to produce concrete structures without cold joints (weaknesses) between the layers.


The method allows the print head to design complex one-off shapes which can be printed in minutes with no waste.

The method combines the freedom of 3D printing with longevity of sprayed concrete. Thanks to the automation and a well controlled system the rebound and energy requirement is reduced drastically. There are no weaknesses between the layers that could compromise the structure, and the surface finish is unparalleled in the industry.


Print the future with us!