A 3D concrete printing system unique in the world

Express delivery of custom-made concrete elements, that uses your concrete and adapts to standard dimensioning.

You can order piece by piece or
apply our 3D printing technology


This technique is the only 3D printing technology that allows the integration of passive reinforcement and uses conventional concrete.

The patented technology is based on cutting-edge equipment and methods for manufacturing a reinforced 3-dimensional concrete structure.


The printer includes an industrial robot with a print head that combines sprayed concrete with new technologies to obtain a smooth surface in a single manufacturing step. The controlled and automatize deposition process enables to produce concrete structures without cold joints (weaknesses) between the layers.

The method allows the print head to design complex one-off shapes which can be printed in minutes with no waste.

Moreover, given the new process of depositing concrete, there are no weaknesses between the layers that could compromise the structure, and the surface finish is unparalleled in the industry.

Features of Mobbot


1 ton within 10 minutes





Wall thickness of 8-20 cm in one manufacturing step



Types of concrete used by Mobbot



RMX concrete

Quality of surface finish

Raw finish

Sponged finish

Float finish


and float finish

Some examples of Mobbot's technology application

Cable chambers

Durable and custom-made concrete chamber for low, medium and high voltage cables.

  • Smooth concrete appearance, rigorous geometry

  • Ability to adapt to existing electrical cables

  • Sizing of rooms for construction sites with heavy loads (tram, etc.), on request

  • Custom sizing up to the last minute of the construction site

Pulling chambers

A telecommunications chamber is a concrete box.


Used in connection with the installation of public telecommunications infrastructure (e.g.: fibre optic or telephone cables) This box shall be located in an underground cavity and shall be capable of drawing and connecting buried telecommunication lines.

The printing chambers make it easier to intervene on the networks in the event of a breakdown or connection, they are usually made accessible to qualified personnel.

In short, the usefulness of a printing house and allowing intervention on telecommunications networks without having to dig up the entire work.

urban development

Your custom urban development products such as:

  • Table

  • Bench

  • Flower containers

Elevator Cage

Elevator shafts provide the horizontal stability of a building, in whole or in part.
In general, these cages are constructed using either on-site poured concrete walls or masonry walls generally consisting of concrete blocks.
However, these cages can be constructed from precast concrete elements, which offer the contractor the advantage of a more efficient construction process.

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