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"You can improve what you measure"

The benefits of digitalizing the shotcrete process

Our experience and know-how in shotcrete have demonstrated that collecting data during spraying operations allow to optimize the process and the quality of the shotcrete, thanks to the monitoring of the time sessions, the consumption of concrete, accelerator and air, and the evaluation of the operators' performance.


The dashboard we have developed is a decision support tool for improving the shotcrete process. It allows users to have visibility on their operations, correct failures, and be able to take corrective action in time to avoid interruptions.

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Mobbot added value

Our easy-to-use and efficient technology offers many advantages

Make data-driven decision 

thanks to real-time data collection

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Reduce the amount of concrete used

by limiting rebounds, and optimizing the accelerator/concrete mix

Reduce the logistics

of handling concrete waste 

Increase safety and well-being

by generating less dust and rebound

Boost your productivity

by increasing the speed of

work execution

How it works?

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We customize your dashboard and the data to collect

You access real-time data

You analyze your data and make optimization decisions

We integrate Mobbot technology on your spraying machines


"Thanks to Mobbot, we were able to win in visibility of our shotcrete operations and were able to take corrective actions." 

Gilles Lequertier
Managing director, Infra Tunnel SA